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Name: Sunny Lee
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Add: No.750 Chuangyan Road,Gaoxin District,Ningbo,China.
Skype: Edwin Livestock
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Skype: Edwin Livestock

About Us

Ningbo Edwin Livestock Equipment Co.,Ltd.,established in 2011.We provide complete pig,cattle,goat and poultry farm sets and the technical services.We are a professional manufacturer of hardwares and equipments for livestock, pig and poultry:water bowl,feeding pan, rabbit with drinking water, metal products andparts, plastic parts,the annual output of about 5000000 sets.A large number of our products have been exported to USA, Australia, Italy,Asia, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Switzerlang, Briitain and some other nations and areas.Quality of products through the ISO9001 quality certification and testing, both the quality and appearance effect, met the quality standards.We adopt the advantages of the livestock equipment from companies nationally and internationally, continuously introduce and develop to further improve the quality and set competitive prices as well. We are confident that with our high quality and reasonable prices we are the very reliable supplier that you can rely on. And we are sourcing and will source better materials for our clients.

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Skype: Edwin Livestock